When you’re marketing a bookkeeping company, finding clever ways to promote bookkeeping—traditionally one of the least-enjoyed aspects of running a business—is an ongoing creative challenge.

This was especially true with the company’s content. Few of our target users actually wanted to read about bookkeeping. But educational content, focused on bookkeeping and financial management, was a proven channel that we needed to scale.

Our solution: to create a content hub that elevated the level of design and content quality typically found in the Financial Services niche.

Originally titled the Small Business Syllabus (now re-branded as the Bench Blog), the platform has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs find solutions to the challenges they face at the helm of a small business.

As the content lead and senior copywriter at Bench, I was responsible for research, planning, information architecture, content strategy, and content distribution. I also wrote a long list of the content on the hub before growing a network of freelance writers to take care of that as we scaled the platform.

Follow these links to check out the content hub and view some of the long-form content I wrote for Bench: